The “dance” of old family patterns and what to do about it

I spoke recently on ABC Radio National’s Life Matters program about the psychology behind why we regress to our teenage selves at Christmas (and other such family gatherings). Have a listen at the link! For those who like to read or want to know more information, the notes that I made to prepare for the […]

FAQ: Counselling for young people

    I see a lot of young people aged 12 and up. So, I get lots of questions from parents about how counselling works for children and young people. If you’re a young person, I encourage you to read this too so you get an idea of how I work. I will keep updating […]

Getting around our hard-wired self-talk

A couple of months ago, ABC Radio National’s Life Matters program asked if I would discuss negative self-talk on their program with Hilary Harper. The irony was that this is what happened inside of me I can’t do it! I don’t know enough to speak on this, surely there’s someone more qualified? You’re going to […]

Resources for coping with Coronavirus (COVID-19)

n n It's a little sad that I've now got more time to write in the midst of COVID-19! On the one hand, I've been less busy with client work because people are cancelling appointments. On the other hand, I've been busier in terms of getting myself set up to deliver counselling online, researching best […]

Intentional and imperfect resolutions

n Happy new year! People I've seen both inside and outside of my counselling sessions have been talking about what they want this year to look like – the things they want to do, the kind of people they want to be. I enjoy having these conversations because we need to know roughly where we […]

Note to self: USE COPING SKILLS (and bonus wholesome memes!)

n It’s been a while since I’ve posted here; work and life got busy. What better way to break the silence than memes, and how they relate to coping skills! For those who don’t know what memes are, here’s an overview of internet memes. (Heads up – if you search for meme examples, be aware […]

Thank you instead of sorry

n n n Sometimes, painful experiences leave us feeling like we're bad just for existing – for taking up people's time, space, and energy. It's a hard position that people work on in counselling, and I often notice there's a strong temptation to apologise for the burden we feel we impose on others. n n […]

A useful analogy for counselling

n n n When I first started studying psychology, I remember trying to explain to my parents that no, therapy is not about "fixing people" and no, people can't "just get over" mental illness. I recently came across a useful analogy that describes the counselling process by Tumblr user @centrumlumina: n n Here’s a thought […]

Expressing appreciation

n n There's something about the end of the year that makes me stop, reflect, and appreciate the people around me even more. I mean, I feel strongly about expressing appreciation all year round because I dislike that we live in a society where it's much easier to criticise than to encourage, to play it […]